Getting Started

In this getting started page article, we are going to cover everything including the installation, connection, and usage of the “WP Sync” plugin with

Add App in Canva Apps Add App in Canva Apps

First, you need to add the “WP Sync” app to Canva. To do this:

  • Login to
  • Go to Apps
  • Search for “WP Sync” and click on it.

You’ll see the screen something as below:

Add the “WP Sync” app in Canva

Done. After that you’ll see the “Begin Authentication” screen below:

Begin Authentication

Here, Just click on “Begin Authentication” to start the process.

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Authentication Authentication

In the Authentication process, You see the connect screen something as below:

Connect your account

Here, Just click on the “Connect” button.

Create an Account Create an Account

After click on “Connect” you will see the popup something as below:

Create a free account on

Note: Due to heavy traffic if you see the screen as below then just re-start the authentication process as above. error

If you don’t see any error’s then you see the create account screen as below:

Create account popup

For now, We allow users to create accounts in website with “Sign in with Google”

In the future, we’ll add support for other platforms as well.

Okay. Let’s check further.

On click on the “Sign in with Google” you’ll see the currently logged in Google accounts list as below:

Create new account with Google account

Click on the Google account which you want to create on

After successful account creation you’ll see the subscription screen.

Don’t worry, We also love free subscriptions. So, we have a free subscription.

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Subscribe to Plan Subscribe to Plan

After create account you’ll see the screen something as below:

Subscription page

Here, You can subscribe as:

  • Free – Connect 1 website
  • Premium – Connect 5 websites
  • Agency – Connect unlimited website

For more details about the subscription go to

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Subscribe as Free Subscribe as Free

To subscribe for a free plan just click on the Subscribe button.

Subscribe for free

Or, You may subscribe for a Premium or an Agency.

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Subscribe as Paid Subscription Subscribe as Paid Subscription

To subscribe to a paid plan you can:

  • Subscribe for Premium
  • Subscribe for Agency
Subscribe for the Premium or Agency plan

On click on the “Subscribe” button you will redirect to the Stripe checkout page as below:

Subscribe with Stripe

Fill in your personal details and simply purchase the plan.

Done. After a successful transaction, you’ll see the add website screen below.

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Add Website Add Website

Once, You subscribe as a free or paid user you can able to add the website.

Note: Free subscription allow only 1 website. Upgrade to Premium or Agency plan to add multiple websites.

To add the website you can see the screen below:

Add website

Now, To add the website you need to install the WordPress plugin WP Sync.

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WP Sync WordPress Plugin WP Sync WordPress Plugin

The “WP Sync WordPress Plugin”, allows you to connect your websites and manage them from Canva.

From the Canva app, you update/upload images. Those requests will send to your connected website.

And the WP Sync WordPress plugin manages it hassle-free.

Let’s see how to do it step by step.

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Download the WP Sync plugin Download the WP Sync plugin

You may see the screen as below:

Download the WP Sync WordPress plugin

Or, You may download the WP Sync WordPress plugin.

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Install and Activate Plugin Install and Activate Plugin

After downloading the plugin, same as other plugins, just upload it to your WordPress website which you want to connect to Canva.

In this example, I’m using our docs website

  • To install the plugin, Go to Plugins > Add new > Upload Plugin
Install the WP Sync plugin

After install, just click on “Activate Plugin” button as below:

Activate the WP Sync plugin

Great. Now, Generate the secrete key to connect your website securly.

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Create a Secret Key Create a Secret Key

To connect your website, we create a secret key. You can use that key to connect your website.

Connect website steps

To create a secret key:

  • Go to Settings > WP Sync
  • Click on “Generate Secret Key” button
Generate secret key

You’ll see the secret key in the popup below:

Generated a new secret key

Note: Copy that secret key. If you close the popup then you’ll not see the secret key later.

If somehow, you forget the secret key or do not copy it to the clipboard then don’t worry.

You can simply create a new key on click on the “Re-generate Secret Key” button.

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Connect Website Connect Website

Once you create a secret key, Then you are able to add your website.

Add website steps

To add the website just click on “Add website” button as below:

Add new website


  • Click on “Add website”
  • Paste the Secret key
  • Click on “Test & Connect” button

If getting an error something as below:

Then, Just click again on the “Try again” button.

If there are no errors then, You’ll see the site is connected screen as below:

The site connected successfully
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Connect to Canva Connect to Canva

Now, You have added the single website and connected sucssfully to the

Now, You need to connect to the Canva.

Just scroll down, You’ll see the screen as below:

Connect to Canva button

Click on “Connect Now” button.

If due to heavy traffic you see the screen as below then just click refresh as below:

Great! You have successfully connected your website to the Canva.

You can see the screen as below:

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Manage from Canva Manage from Canva

Now, your website is connected. You can manage the images from Canva.

Let’s see how.

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Design the Image Design the Image

Before export, you need to design your image in Canva.

Once the image is ready then you can:

  • Upload the image to your connected website.
  • If already uploaded, then you can update the image as well
  • Set featured image for post
  • Set featured image for page
  • Set featured image for product (with paid subscription)
  • Set featured image for custom post type (with paid subscription)

In this demo, I have the below image designed in Canva.

Now, I have connected website website.

And, want to upload it on the connected website

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Initiate Export Initiate Export

Click on the “Initiate Export” button to export the image:

Initiate Export

If you are a Premium user of Canva then you can export the image with Canva provided options.

Export Image

Done. Your image is now ready to upload to the WordPress website.

Successfullly exported
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Upload New Image Upload New Image

As we have just created the new image which is not exist on our website

So, The image will first upload to the website.

Before uploading the image, you need to enter the image name:

Add image name

After adding image name the “Upload image” button will be visible:

Add image name

Here, I have named my image as “my-first-wordpress-image”.

Now, the “Upload image” button is enabled.

Just click on it.

Done. You’ll see the screen something as below:

Image Uploaded Successfully

As we uploaded the image to the

So, In the connected website media library we can see the uploaded image as below:

Uploaded new image

Here, I have connected my website so, in my website media library I can see the uploaded image.

Go to edit the image by clicking on “Edit more details” link:

Uploaded Image details popup

You can see the connected Canva design:

Uploaded Image details edit screen
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Use the shortcode Use the shortcode

You can also use the shortcode to display the image anywhere as you want.


Display image with shortcode

I have added the shortcode into the page:

Added shortcode into the page

On front end you can see the image as:

Display the image on front end
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Now, I want to set the featured image to my “Hello World” post.

Currently, I don’t have the featured image:

To set the featured image, Go to Canva and follow:

Select post type

As, I want to set it to the featured image so selected the post type as “Posts”.

2. Select the post

That’s it.

Now, click on the “Set Featured Image”

Done. You can see the success message as below:

Now, refresh the Hello Page and I see the image is set as the featured image.

I can see the featured image on front end as well:

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Update Image Update Image

Now, Its interested part. You have already exported the image. But want to update the image design.

You can simply do the changes into the image and update the existing connected image.

How, See below steps:

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Edit existing image Edit existing image

II have made changes I’m my design as:

For example, I have just added one.

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Initialte Export Updated Image Initialte Export Updated Image

You can see the image status at:

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Update Image Update Image

You can see:

Now just click on “Update Image” button.

You’ll see the image update success at:

The image is directly updated from your WordPress website.

We can see the featured image for the Hello World post was also updated with new design.

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