Add New Doc

To add a new doc is easy process.

How to add a new Doc? How to add a new Doc?

Follow below steps to add a new doc:

  • Go to Doc > Add New Doc
  • Click on Add New Doc button



  • Add the Doc title
  • and, Click on Publish button


  • Click on View Doc button

You’ll see the something like below:


We don’t have added any content for that we don’t see anything.

Now, Let’s see how it look when we add a content?

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Content with Table of Content (Summery) Content with Table of Content (Summery)

For the demo purpose, I have added the demo content from site into our document as:


  • Copy the content from (You can add any other text content)
  • Paste into the doc content
  • Click on Update button



When you visit to the doc then you’ll see something:


  • We can see the doc content
  • As well as the doc table of content (summery) into the right sidebar