Add Child Doc

We strongly recommend to mention the parent child documentation which is better for SEO purpose.

The Google and other search engines better understand the site documentation if we maintain them as:


The real life example is something below:


When we maintain the parent child docs then the URLs are generate as:


How to add a child Doc? How to add a child Doc?

The process of creating the child doc is same as mentioned in Add new doc

Follow below steps to add a new child doc:

  • Go to Doc > Add New Doc
  • Click on Add New Doc button


For the demo purpose, I am adding the demo content from site into our child document as:

I have just copy the above content and paste into the child doc.

  • Add the Child Doc title
  • Paste the Demo Content from (You can add any other text content)
  • Select the Parent Doc from the Page Attributes
  • Then, Click on Publish button


When you visit to the child doc then you’ll see something:


In Left Sidebar we see the doc hierarchy as:

  • Parent Doc with link
  • Child Doc with link

In Content area the child doc content

And, In right sidebar the child doc table of content (summery)

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Add more child docs Add more child docs

You can add multiple levels of Childs and keep the hierarchy.



I have created a child Install On Localhost and set the parent as Installation doc which is a child of Product 1 doc.

I have added few more child docs which looks something below into the WordPress admin area as:

And, When we visit to the front-end then we’ll see something:

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Download Demo Content Download Demo Content

Do you want to use this demo docs for reference?

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