User Feedback

Likes Likes

We collect the user feedback with likes to see how many user likes the doc.

With the help of likes analytics we’ll optimize the disliked docs.

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Dislikes Dislikes

Same as likes we collect the dislikes from the user.

With the help of Dislikes we’ll know which docs need more improvement.

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Toggle Likes or Dislikes Toggle Likes or Dislikes

User can change the likes or dislikes at any time.

It means if user like some doc and again click on the like icon then that doc is not unset from likes doc list.

Same for dislikes:

  • Click on Like – Count in likes list
  • Click again on Like – Reduced the like from the like list


  • Click on Like – Count in like list
  • And then Click on Dislike – The count from likes is decreased and increased the dislike and count into dislike list.