Most Popular Docs

After install and activate the QDocs plugin:

  • Go to Doc > Analytics

First time you’ll see the screen like below:


At the right side you can see the section Most Popular Docs which shows message:

No doc found. 

This is because there is not any visited doc by end user.

Visit to the Doc Visit to the Doc

NOTE: The visits are counted for non logged in user. If you logged in to the website and visit to the doc then it is not counted as visit.

Recently, For demo purpose, We had created a doc Product 1 in the Add new doc section.

Which looks like below:


I see this doc as logged in user. We need to visit this doc without login to the site.

I’m using the Incognito mode from the browser which allow us to see the site as non-logged in user.


I have just visited to the Product 1 doc just once in the Incognito mode.

Now, When we see the Analytics screen then we’ll see the Product 1 is listed into the Most Popular Docs.


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Visit Multiple Times Visit Multiple Times

The each visit is counted. If user visit multiple times to the doc the the visit is counted multiple times.

Recently, For demo purpose, We had created a another one doc Install on Localhost in the Add new doc section.

I have visited Install on Localhost twice as:

And now, The analytics show the visits into the Most Popular Docs as below: